Track your NEPSE Portfolio with indepth statistics

NepseFolio is NEPSE portfolio tracker which offers a seamless experience, enabling users to import transactions from Meroshare or add them manually. It provides comprehensive statistics, profit estimation, selling price calculation, and weighted average cost of capital (WACC) estimation, all while allowing you to manage your investments through watchlists and planlists.

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Why NepseFolio?

Transaction Management

Add your transactions manually or Import transactions from Meroshare or other CSVs

Portfolio Statistics

Get all of statistics of your holdings and share transactions.

Profit Estimation

Estimate the profit of your holdings using our estimation tool

Estimate Selling price

Find your selling price for your stocks based on your targeted profit

WACC Estimate

Estimate the WACC of your holdings before averaging your stocks

Watchlist and Planlist

Add stocks to the your Watchlists and in your planlists.